...B E H I N D T H E S C E N E S

Ever wonder how we do it??!

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Treasures of Elan promotional material is shot exclusively by national mogul and filmmaker
with our CEO Camaree Barr @camareebarr as executive producer.


Lead Model: Abeni Nazeer @abeninazeer 
Featured Products: BANI & MADAME
Song: Fuck with Myself x BANKS

"The Office"

Here's little sneak peek. Camaree gives the crew an overview of the project and we leave you wanting more by giving you a taste of the aftermath. Stay tuned to find out what really happened...
Lead Model: Ari @janearii
Actors: Danny Egan @thedeag1
Kathleen Whitby @thekathbean
Samia Jones @minimiaa
Nick Cavalero @nicky_cav_
Kasey Stokes @_stokley
Brittany Kelly @brima_donna
Song: Billy x 6ix9ine