Our First Fashion Show!! : Pittsburgh, PA

Camaree Barr

If you follow @treasuresofelan on Instagram, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we had our first fashion show in November of 2018.

Treasures of Elan was scouted on Instagram by the Curation Specialist from RAW: Natural Born Artists. He loved our story and supported my vision to help other women find their sexy. Although my company is only about a year old, RAW Artists believed in me and was impressed with the success you all have helped me achieve thus far. To be honest, they really enjoyed the way we embraced women of color and choose to highlight them as our primary models and brand ambassadors.

About 6 years ago I actually modeled in numerous RAW Artists showcases so for this to come full circle was an incredible feeling. I could now cast aspiring and established models in my own show!

Since I'm based in Los Angeles, and the show was to take place in Pittsburgh, PA, I decided to do a virtual casting. It was a lot of work digging through hashtags on Instagram, sending DMs, leaving comments, emailing over 100 girls to see if I could find the perfect people to bring my vision to life.

After solidifying about 12 models, I had 2 cancellations due to work schedules, 1 model changed her mind, and another canceled on me the day of the show after call time. I was a bit discouraged initially, but my family got me through it an I realized these things happen. I felt immensely grateful for the models that did show up. They really were a great group of young women all super professional and looked PHENOMENAL in their outfits. I'd recommend them to any designers in need of girls in the Pittsburgh area. I'll provide their info below. 

Before we even hit the runway, my models were walking through the crowd and drawing attention. Potential customers and soon to be friends came up to me throughout the night. It felt good to connect with people and educate them on the wonders of lingerie. Having that face to face interaction was something I think allowed me to better understand human behavior and determine consumer needs. We were able to sell over $500 worth of merchandise and some customers even purchased right off the rack. I figured we would sell a little, but to get that much traction at our first pop-up style runway event, was unprecedented. I'm still appreciative even as I write this right now.

The coordinator for this particular show, Jane, was absolutely amazing to work with! She gave me perfect booth space and gave me great words of encouragement before and after my runway set. I'm glad to have gotten the chance to meet and work with her.

Seeing the looks on the faces of the people in the crowd just validated what I believed Treasures of Elan to be in the first place. People looked happy. They were able to see themselves in the diversity of women from culture, ethnicity, to body type, hair texture, age... everything. This was all intentional. My aim was to create the vibe of "Every Woman" and I think I did just that. Not to mention BMW the DJ held me all the way down by playing remixes to Ella Mai's hit "Boo'd Up" and hyping the crowd for me. He got them so excited that they had me do a runway walk! I haven't done that in over a year so I was nervous but the mood was right and it was well received.

RAW : OVATION was a truly memorable experience. I'm so happy to have embarked on this journey with RAW Artists. I look forward to the opportunities that will come as I continue to tour with them.

Special Thanks to the Following:

RAW Natural Born Artists @rawartists

BMW the DJ @bmwthedj

TK Kavi @tkkavi

Anthony & Verna at Mark Anthony Hair Salon 301 S Craig St


Ana @gypsi_fit
Amaya @mymyluxx
Diana @diana_lillianmae
C.C. @mixedcutie1986
Brana @bookbrana
Melissa @thenameismelissa
LaTosha @_sincerelytosha

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    • Black Barbie on

      Your FIRST FASHION SHOW?!?! Unbelievable. With the amount of professionalism and talent you and your models displayed, it seems like you’ve been doing this for years. The lingerie looks and feels amazing. I love my pieces and look forward to our Valentines Day Collection.

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